About Us


Advanced Real Estate Services (ADRES) is a PropTech venture developer that utilizes the latest technology to provide highly efficient real estate solutions. We aim to advance the real estate sector in the UAE to become a global industry leader.


To become the leading provider of PropTech services in the UAE.

We aim to revolutionize the real estate sector in the UAE through cutting-edge digital solutions to enhance efficiency and transparency and take customer service to unprecedented levels.

Fostering Innovation

We create a digital environment that opens the doors to knowledge, fostering seamless access to learning, research, and innovation.

Commitment to Excellence

In our pursuit of service excellence, we foster an open and honest culture, value feedback and diverse perspectives, cultivate trusting partnerships, and consistently deliver on our commitments.

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to establish and maintain a work-friendly environment that draws the most talented individuals from across the globe.

We Create Opportunities that Redefine the Real Estate Industry

Aligned with Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, ADRES is actively shaping an open, efficient, and integrated business landscape through its diverse portfolio of products and services in real estate sectors like technology, training, and market intelligence. This approach aims to foster a more innovative, sustainable, and diversified economy.

ADRES is dedicated to assisting both individuals and government entities in optimizing and managing real estate projects. It enhances current operations by reducing costs, providing accessible data for optimization, improving property efficiency, and implementing maintenance strategies based on specific actions within real estate properties.

Our Team

Based in Abu Dhabi, our multicultural organization brings a wealth of expertise across various sectors. We specialize in orchestrating technology-driven growth for the real estate sector, committed to delivering excellence.

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